” Develop-Us offers comprehensive training programs to enhance organisational capability. Our distinct advantage is that we are solutions focussed, our course content is based on agreed learning outcomes.”

About Felicity Donert

Felicity is an organisational development specialist with an extensive background in facilitation. The ability to engage team members, seek participation through shared learning experiences and tailor training to the participants’ understanding is her core strength. Felicity is realistic in addressing the fundamental skills of both team development and good leadership, offering actionable guidance and reachable goals. Her workshops are designed to meet a skills gap in the areas of Team Development, Line Management and Organisational Initiatives.


Using a strength-based approach in developing adult learners, Felicity encourages the use of reflective practice to enhance participants’ knowledge and understand the application of key learning outcomes.


With over 17 years of experience in learning and development and a background in both corporate sector training and public healthcare, Felicity brings a wealth of experience and understanding to her audience. Her ability to communicate complex HR issues and processes in a logical way, ensuring that participants receive the opportunity to practice the skill in the safety of a training environment, can support your organisation by implementing current HR best practice into the handling of common concerns impacting human capital.
Felicity was awarded accreditation with excellence through her association with Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and this level of performance has continued through to her Masters in Human Resource Management (MHRM).