Frequently Asked Questions

The consultant will work alongside your organisation to find a best fit for session times and dates. You may need to provide coverage during this time or suggest that sessions are run during down time or handover. Flexibility around start and finish times can also be arranged.
Managers are welcome to attend the Team Development sessions. Past experience has indicated that some teams operate well by having management present. Managers who perform their role in a coaching capacity and get involved in all activities seem to observe better outcomes with learning content, whereas in some other groups, team members tend to open up more and are not so guarded when management are not present. It depends on the relationship with team members and how responsive they are to management. If you feel that there are HR related issues which have not been dealt with well prior to the training, then having management present can, in some situations, impact learning outcomes.
Contact Develop-Us about your needs.  Consider like departments within your organisation who might be willing to come together with you for the same sessions.  Or there might be other industries that you work closely with also interested in training. If an in-house training session does not suit your team, then Develop-Us offers open training sessions throughout the year in our local community. Check our website or join our mailing group for more detail
Team Development consists of inclusive workshops offered to the entire team promoting positive behaviour and performance in teams.  Facilitators will try to accommodate the needs of the business by running the same session several times as it may not be possible to have everyone attend at the one time.  However, isolating just a few employees is not the intent of any program.  Inclusivity and diversity of our participants is fundamental in supporting your organisation for cultural change.
This depends on the topic and operational requirements of your team.  In general though, workshops run for about 2 hours.  For a full day session, this usually consists of 3 x 2hr modules plus 1/2 simplified module.  For a half-day session, this consists of 2 x  2hr modules
If you have leaders who are stepping up into a supervisory role or if your emerging leaders are progressing into a Team Leader or Supervisory position, then the Line Management workshops are well suited.  All sessions within the Line Management series relate to Team Leader / Supervisory responsibilities.  This means that if you were to send your employees who have no supervisory responsibilities, then some of the content may not be relevant to them.
The workshops are designed for managers who are starting out their management careers.  Certainly, if your executive leadership feels that the workshops would be of benefit and be a good refresher of particular skills, then yes, your executive team would be encouraged to attend.
Some initiatives which Develop-Us have been significant contributors to have been

  • Performance Review Process
  • Promoting an Organisations Response to Family Violence
  • Promoting internal job share arrangements
  • Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace
  • Preparing employees to return to work (LWOP, Maternity, Workers Comp etc.)

Organisations which include a training element to their current initiatives find that uptake and process implementation far exceeds internal online communications.  Face-to-face training provides your employees a voice and bridges the gap between resistance to change and implementing new initiatives.

Simply fill out the form and send it back to us. We’ll do a training needs analysis and then based on your operation we will arrange a time to meet and suggest a program best suited to fulfil your organisational requirements.